Thursday, April 12, 2012

11 April 2012: Lindsay Taylor - "My Embroidered Garden"

In April we welcomed another enthusiastic speaker to the Branch meeting. Lindsay Taylor’s studio is located at the edge of a forest on the Isle of White. It is here, among the native plants and flora that inhabit Britain’s woodland and rural landscapes that Lindsay finds inspiration. Working predominantly in three dimensions, weaving and winding hand-dyed natural fabrics into organic forms Lindsay transforms a common weed into a beautiful handbag or a fabulous shoe, or a familiar flower into a teacup.

Lindsay Taylor
Bindweed shoe
Photo: © 2009 Julie Yeo

Lindsay uses a variety of techniques including freehand machine embroidery, traditional hand embroidery, painting, dyeing, quilting, moulding, felting, sculpting, beading, trapunto, wiring and appliqué.

Lindsay Taylor
Instillation based on a 17th Century painting housed at the Wallace Collection.
"Flowers On A Fountain With A Peacock" by Jan Weenix.

Lindsay’s talk was delivered with the same sense of humour that is evident in her art and was illustrated by stunning photographs and some examples of her work.

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