Wednesday, January 9, 2013

9 January 2013, Mr X Stitch - "Life on the Cutting (& Stitching) Edge"

According to his artist profile this month’s speaker is 'Male, tattooed and cross stitching all things subversive, Jamie "Mr X Stitch" Chalmers likes stitchery with a difference'.

© Jamie "Mr X Stitch" Chalmers
Waiting for Jamie
His profile goes on to say,

'As founder of, a contemporary embroidery and needlecraft blog showcasing people who make amazing art using the power of stitch, manbroiderer Jamie has gathered a cult following. Featuring work that references popular culture, geekery and all things cute, as well as profiling incredible feats of innovation, imagination and dedication, has become the number one blog for stitching lovers.'

© Jamie "Mr X Stitch" Chalmers/Amelia Harnas
All Truths Wait in All Things by Amelia Harnas

And essentially that is what his talk was about, a whirlwind tour of some of the innovative, imaginative and dedicated artists feature on his blog and in his new book, PUSH Stitchery.

Jamie’s love of stitching began when he purchased a cross stitch kit to relieve the boredom of a long flight but he soon realised that the kits available at that time were simply not his thing. With the aid of cross stitch software Jamie began designing for himself, taking inspiration from things like graffiti and tattoos.

© Jamie "Mr X Stitch" Chalmers/Channel Changers
Two-Face by Channel Changers

When Jamie started to blog the persona "Mr X Stitch" was born. That’s Mr "ex" Stitch, not Mr Cross Stitch as I have been mistakenly calling him. The name is probably derived from Jamie's self confessed love of comic books superheroes. Since its launch four years ago has achieved a cult following amongst those interested in contemporary textile art or subversive stitching. Today, the website is presented by a team of authors who post daily features such as "Too Cute Tuesdays" or "Not Safe for Work Saturdays" and "The Cutting (& Stitching) Edge)".

© Jamie "Mr X Stitch" Chalmers/Crapestry
Japanese Spaniel from the Smoking Dogs collection by Crapestry

Jamie's talk was fast paced and extremely entertaining. Accompanied by circa 120 top quality photographs, it show cased the work of dozens of artists, including the work of several "manbroiderers" and some of the Mr X Stitch Team.

© Jamie "Mr X Stitch" Chalmers/Pierre Fouché
The Kiss by Pierre Fouché

Jamie’s artist profile concludes with 'He’s a nice guy. Say hello to him if you see him.'

He is, so do.