Thursday, January 1, 2015

What's on in January

Our first guest speaker of 2015 is our very own Wendy Hughes! Wendy's profile begins by saying

"In a globalised world in which hi-tech is more and more playing a major role in peoples lives, Wendy Hughes’ work goes against the trend. Her preoccupation is with work which has an effortless randomness and irregularity only possible when produced by hand."

and concludes with

"Wendy Hughes’ work is intuitive and materially led. She pares down her ideas to minimum. There is no unnecessary decoration. The fabrics she uses add softness and vulnerability to forms the otherwise would be severe in their minimalism.

The work stands by itself, a statement in simplicity

© Wendy Hughes

"My Journey with Fabric and Thread"
7.15 pm on Wednesday 14 January 2015
at Iffley Village Church Hall, Iffley, OX4 4EG.

Visitors welcome £5.00

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