Tuesday, November 1, 2016

What's on in November

Sally Richardson’s work aims to both celebrate and critique vintage textile pieces. It explores both their social and gendered nature using three key themes. The first theme is repetition. Using a range of knitting, crochet, lace, and tatting to inform her drawing, she hopes to give a sense of the methodical and monotonous nature of both the textile pieces and her drawing. Second, using doilies as an example, Sally aims to show how these were used as a symbol of respectability and femininity but have since become redundant, now more likely to be viewed as out of date and a sign of old age. Third, by creating drawings on pages of instructional textile magazines Sally tries to highlight the way in which the instructions actively prevent creativity by providing a set of compulsory steps which undermine any artistic intervention.

© Sally Richardson

"The Art of the Doily"
7.15 pm on 9 November 2016
at Iffley Village Church Hall, Iffley, OX4 4EG.

Visitors welcome £6.00

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hertsbranch said...

i would love to know more about sally, possibly to book her for my own branch - have emailed your contact address to no avail - could you please contact me via the hertstitch blog please