Sunday, January 1, 2017

What's on in January

Jessa Fairbrother practice is largely concerned with gesture, making explicit the moment when the donor of the gesture and the gaze of the viewer collide. Jessa says, "I am fascinated by how we perform ourselves continuously, role-playing our identities responding to the ongoing performance of others. In doing so I search for communal meanings defined and given shape through the presence of a figure - this is mostly my own - and make long-term work about how this writes itself upon the body. The purpose of thread, mark-making and stitch are central, physically piercing and extending the image-object beyond a single time and space."

© Jessa Fairbrother

"Stitching myself into the image: embroidering the photograph"
7.15 pm on 11 January 2017
at Iffley Village Church Hall, Iffley, OX4 4EG.

Visitors welcome £6.00