Monday, November 2, 2009

September 25-27 - Frances Pickering, Weekend Workshop

Nine beautiful handmade books were the collective outcome of a fun and creative weekend with Frances. I had no idea what to expect as I arrived at the village hall on Friday evening, but we were soon put to work on designing the covers. The theme for the weekend was 'Elizabethan Splendour' and this gave us a starting point for our designs, patterns and colours. Using Gesso, wax and a wide range of lovely colour and thread products brought by Frances we turned a strip of calico into a rich, leather and jewel encrusted, book cover. Each of the nine books were so different and individual. Frances also brought many of her own books to give us inspiration.

Creating the inner pages and content were as much fun. The good pace, the mix of mess and meticulous work and the constant entertainment from Frances’s husband who was on hand to help with technical matters, made the weekend most enjoyable. The shared meals eaten outside in the beautiful September sunshine added to the enjoyment. I have come away with a lot to work on and lots more ideas to develop in the future. It really was a stimulating, fun and entertaining weekend. Thank you Frances and all who made it happen.

by Polly Woolstone

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Amanda said...

It was a brilliant weekend - my book is nearly finished. Please remember to bring your books to the December Guild meeting everyone!