Thursday, May 6, 2010

Fabrications Exhibition at Bampton

One doesn't need an excuse to meet up with friends, and if one did - this is it.

The whole experience was a good one. The Fabrications were both physical and imaginative. I loved them...everyone seems to have moved on from previous work shown. I am filled with admiration for their sheer courage, because I know how difficult that step into a new phase is. Amanda [Smith] hold on colour combinations, Jane's mastery of the most delicate machine stitching, Jane O'Brian's combinations of stitch and colour, and Denise going into the snow, and finding inspiration where I fear to tread! My beloved friend Margaret keeping true to her core thoughts, but the drawings getting better and better each time, and her choice of colour thoughtful and deliberate, she knows how I feel so I won't embarrass her by going on. I think you can tell I enjoyed it greatly.

I would end by saying that I should have liked to share here some photographs - but the decision was taken not to allow photography.

by Joy Abrahams

(but Amanda kindly gave permision for me to include these pictures)

"Flowers in a Red Pot" courtesy of Amanda Smith

"Flowers in a Red Pot" courtesy of Amanda Smith