Wednesday, December 1, 2010

10 November 2010 - Anne Sillifant, "An obsession with trees"

Since retiring her teaching job as Director of Art at a girls’ independent school, Anne has been able to fully indulge in her enthusiasm for all aspects of art, textiles, embroidery and design. Trained at Goldsmiths’ and with 10 years plus teaching City and Guilds, Anne has developed a wide interest in both traditional and innovative techniques.

Tree print, courtesy of Anne Sillifant

Sampler gifted to Anne, courtesy of Anne Sillifant

Tree sculpture gifted to Anne, courtesy of Anne Sillifant

Silk paper sculpture, courtesy of Anne Sillifant

Vase, courtesy of Anne Sillifant

Her talk focused on the natural forms, particularly trees, which have been the inspiration for much of her work. Anne works both in two and three dimensions and often develops an idea into a whole series of work.Anne brought with her many examples of both her own work and that of her students and was happy for us to pass much of it around.

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