Thursday, February 9, 2012

8 February 2012: Sarah Welsby - "Paper, Cloth, Stitch"

The night of our February meeting was another bitterly cold one so it was delightful that so many members attended – including 4 new members. Perhaps some of them knew what a treat we had in store that evening but I had not heard of Sarah Welsby, nor seen any of her quilts prior to the meeting.

Sarah Welsby
paper lamination, hand dyed cottons, machine and hand stitch, inks.
(22” x 16”)

Sarah has developed a technique that involves laminating small pieces of paper to silk organza. Each piece is carefully selected from newspaper print for its colour. Once Sarah has built up her picture on the new fabric, texture is added. First the piece is machine quilted, changing the thread colour sometime every few stitches so that it matches the laminate. The piece is then further embellished by cutting back with a soldering iron and/or the addition of hand embroidery.

Sarah Welsby
paper lamination, textile inks, machine and hand stitch, inks.
(24” x 24”)