Thursday, February 28, 2013

Our Lady’s are a Piece

When Mr X Stitch visited us in January he spoke about the Craftivist Collective and their "Save the Children – Race Against Hunger" campaign.

© Karen Rowe

Karen Rowe decided to introduce colleagues and students at Our Lady’s Abingdon Senior School to the project. The idea is to create three hand crafted jigsaw pieces – one for yourself, one for your MP and one to send to the Craftivist Collective for their installations.

The end result was nearly 40 jigsaw pieces created by

Year 10 GCSE Textiles group
OLA Sixth Form Textiles students
Year 9 Textiles Club
Year 6 Print Club
Year 5 Needlecraft Class
Junior Church Group from St. Columba’s United Reform Church (ages 5-8)
Senior School Staff

© Karen Rowe

Karen said "It was fabulous to get so many children involved! The message spread across the senior school to the junior school and beyond to St. Columba's".

Our Lady’s Abingdon Senior School now have an installation of their own - photocopies of the pieces the pupils and staff made.

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