Wednesday, June 2, 2010

14 April - Joanna O’Neill, "Books, Batting and Beeswax"

Have you ever wondered what it takes to be a judge at a major textile show? In April, Joanna O’Neill gave us an interesting insight to her adventures on the Quilter’s Guild judging course, and experience as judge at the Festival of Quilts.

The correspondence course is divided into six modules that cover a diverse range of subjects that encourage a wide appreciation of Art and Craft. Joanna brought along her extensive course notes and a huge pile of samples made during the design and construction techniques modules. The accredited course culminates in a Judging practical.

In addition, a selection of Joanna’s own quilts where on display.

"Golden Apples, Silver Apples" courtesy of Joanna O'Neill

"Breakout" courtesy of Joanna O'Neill

"Pearls and the Spider" courtesy of Joanna O'Neill

A new course is being planned to start in the autumn of 2011, details can be found on the Quilter’s Guild web site.

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